Bremerton Police Seek Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Woman on Saturday

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The Bremerton Police Department is seeking information on an assault that occurred Saturday afternoon on Callow Avenue in Bremerton.

Following is the complete text of a Bremerton Police Department press release:

The Bremerton Police Department is seeking information on a suspect in an assault which occurred Saturday about 2:15 p.m. A young couple was walking with their baby in a stroller in the area of 11th Street and Callow Avenue. They waited for the pedestrian light and as they crossed, a truck drove across the crosswalk and nearly struck the couple and the baby. There was a verbal interchange between the couple and the male driver of the truck, and the truck drove off.

The couple continued walking and as they neared their home a few blocks away, the truck returned and the driver got out and attacked the female. The suspect placed her in a

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