It didn’t take long for MxPx’s two shows at Bremerton’s Admiral Theater later this week to sell out. According to Mike Herrera, frontman of the popular Bremerton punk band, local fans are always clamoring for live performances they can attend without leaving Kitsap.

“People have been asking us over the years, when are you coming back to Bremerton? And we were always like, ‘We’re planning on it, we’re working on it,'” he said.

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These shows were the first opportunity the band has had to perform in Bremerton for several years, Herrera said. The band had planned to do a hometown show in 2020, but it got derailed by a certain worldwide emergency.

“It was happening,” Herrera said. “Of course, we all know what happened: The pandemic. Everything got shut down. So we didn’t get too far with our planning on that.”

Bremerton is never far from mind though, Herrera said. “As long as people still come and see the shows and buy tickets, we’re going to continue to play our hometown Bremerton,” he said. “We love it here. It’s my favorite place to play.”

MxPx, left to right: Tom Wisniewski, Yuri Ruley, and Mike Herrera.
MxPx, left to right: Tom Wisniewski, Yuri Ruley, and Mike Herrera. Photo by Joshua Shultz, courtesy of MxPx

The band recently released a new album, “Find a Way Home.” Having been at the game for more than 30 years — the band formed in 1992 when the bandmembers were all teenagers — it would be easy to rest on one’s laurels and lean on past hits, but the band has never stopped producing new music.

Herrera said his approach to writing music helps keep the process from becoming stale. The key, he said, is to take time to enjoy an album after completing it: “We’ll work on it and enjoy it. Enjoy it by playing live. I’ll enjoy it by practicing. Enjoy it by having it released and people listening back and giving you feedback, whatever that is. But enjoy it.”

Once that step’s done, he takes some time before diving into anything new.

“If you start the next day after you finish the last album, it’s really hard to keep that fresh,” he said. “And so I … just give myself some time, give a break, reset the brain on some new idea. And a lot of times you can’t force it. You have to let it come in a way where it feels natural.”

Life experience also plays a role in the evolution of the band’s music. “I can’t just keep singing about high school,” Herrera said. “And if I am going to sing about high school, it’s going to be a different perspective, a perspective from a man that’s been through it a long time ago.”

Although nostalgia has its place, he said the band tries not to cater to it too much.

“Nostalgia is great. It’s wonderful,” he said. “It’s what we all kind of feed on when we go see our favorite band live that we’ve known for years and years and years, right? That’s nostalgia. But it doesn’t mean you want that act or that band or that artist to do the same thing over and over and over. You want them to come up with new things, be creative, be fresh.”

Herrera’s proud of the fact that one of the band’s newer songs, 2018’s “Let’s Ride,” is currently its biggest hit.

“The song is a little big nostalgic,” he said. “When you listen to the song, you get this feeling of, ‘Wow, I’m thinking about my childhood. I’m thinking about all the best memories I’ve had. This hits me right in the feels.'”


The song was included in the soundtrack of the 2020 version of the video game Tony Hawk Pro Skater. “That was just so big for us. It really put us in a category of, ‘We are not dinosaurs.’ We’re making new music that matters,” Herrera said.

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Herrera has a simple message for everyone who bought tickets to the upcoming shows at the Admiral: Thanks.

“We really were blown away that both shows sold out in less than 10 days, which for a hometown, you just never know; hometowns are tricky sometimes,” he said. “So I just want to say thank you to all the fans that are coming out. We’re really excited to see everybody.”

Learn more about MxPx on the band’s website.