Domestic Violence Suspect Plunges Into Bremerton’s Oyster Bay to Escape Arrest

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A domestic violence suspect plunged into Oyster Bay in Bremerton Thursday afternoon in an attempt to escape arrest.

Bremerton Police officers responded Thursday afternoon to a report of screaming heard behind a gas station on Kitsap Way, according to a press release from the police department.

Officers located a woman and man in a car, and noticed an abrasion on the woman’s forehead, according to the release.

When asked if the man had assaulted her, the woman reportedly responded, “Yes, and he’s about to run.”

At that moment, the man exited the car and ran, the release states.

He ran to the front of the gas station, got into a customer’s car, and “bounced back and forth” in the front seat before running across the street and onto the beach near Oyster Bay, according to the release.

As officers were closing in on him, he jumped into the water, the release states. A nearby resident reportedly allowed officers to use their rowboat, and they reportedly kept an eye on the man as he bobbed in the water for 45 minutes, resisting offers of a life preserver or rope to come back in.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office’s marine unit also responded; the suspect reportedly continued to refuse to come out of the water upon their arrival, but became tired and cold, the release states.

After treading water for more than an hour, the suspect reportedly got into the boat and was taken into custody. The man had a court-issued protection

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