Hawaiian musician Anuhea bringing tropical vibes and holiday cheer to Bremerton

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It’s bound to be chilly as Anuhea takes the stage in Bremerton on Saturday, but she’ll be bringing a little Hawaiian warmth with her.

Bremerton is the second stop on Anuhea’s “All is Bright” tour, which sees the performer getting into the holiday spirit. In that vein, she and friend and fellow musician Kimie Miner, who is performing on the tour, recently dropped a new Christmas song called “Red Gold & Green.”

The song references the colors red, gold and green as representing “the love in our hearts for red, the light that we shine for gold, and the leaves of peace, which talk about the land and our love of our land,” Anuhea said. 

“It’s like a reggae-inspired song because red, gold and green are definitely traditional reggae colors.” The song also has a bit of an ‘80s vibe, she added. “It’s a really special song. But we always throw our own twist into our Christmas music,” she said.

The show will feature Christmas music, and the stage will be decked out with Christmas decor. But Anuhea will also be playing fan favorites. “It’ll be a nice mix of the hits, and also some holiday joy,” she said.

Anuhea singing while playing guitar
Anuhea (Photo courtesy of Anuhea)

Coming from tropical Hawaii to rainy Washington will be quite the contrast, but Anuhea — who’s no stranger to the Pacific Northwest with a mom from Oregon and former manager from Seattle — said she’s prepared for the Washington waterworks, although she said she’d enjoy it if the rain would give way to snow.

“I actually am super excited about it,” she said. “I get to bust out the cute outfits and hopefully it snows and I can see my breath — that’s so exciting for Hawaii people to be able to do that kind of stuff.”

Although Washington’s weather could provide a nice change of pace, Hawaii’s sunny clime — along with its breathtaking natural beauty — is a major source of inspiration for Anuhea’s music.

“It’s almost impossible to not be inspired by the beauty that is around us in Hawaii,” she said. “It’s just so easy to write about. And I’m inspired every day by stuff as simple as the beach, the sunshine, and that kind of stuff.”

Not all her music is sunny, however, and some songs serve as calls to action, informed by Hawaii’s culture and history. That sentiment was showcased recently by the Maui wildfires and how the response was handled — or mishandled, in the view of many — by the government.

“The native people are protesting and living on the beach because they’re getting kicked out of hotels,” Anuhea said. “The people who have generational homes in Mahina are not being treated right. So there’s a lot of people writing songs about that movement and just trying to get Hawaiians taken care of and trying to take care of each other.”

Another struggle is the tension between the native populations who want to preserve the island paradise they call their home, and the interests of tourists and developers. Hawaiians have protested construction of a large telescope on the Mauna Kea, a mountain on the island of Hawaii.

“Hawaiians are protesting and camping out … and barricading the entrance for the construction vehicles to go up there, because it’s part of our culture,” she said. “They wanted to show people, no, you can’t do this, this is our sacred land.”

Although Anuhea can’t turn a blind eye to such struggles, the dominant vibe of her music is positive and uplifting.

“We’re so proud of our culture and all the positive stuff that we have to show and that we’ve learned,” she said.

Anuhea at the Redwood Theater

Anuhea performs 7:30 pm, Dec. 9, at the Redwood Theater at Tracyton Movie House, 1520 NE Riddell Rd, Bremerton. Doors open at 7 pm. All ages. Special guests: Kimie Miner, E.N. Young, and Stay Grounded.

Tickets are $30; buy tickets here. Meet and greet tickets are $75; buy them here.

Follow Anuhea on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her website.

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