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Kitsap County Residents Are Freaking Out About Pokemon Go on Social Media

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Pokemon Go — the augmented reality game that has people walking all over trying to “catch” pokemon on their smartphones — is blowing up social media. People in Kitsap County are doing their part to contribute to this worldwide phenomenon that’s bringing people together.

We scoured the internet to find Kitsap residents showing off their pokemon, giving out tips, and sharing photos of their Pokemon Go experiences.


When your peeing…but you have to catch them all. #pokemongo #dontgiveaduck

A photo posted by Madeline Ward (@glutenfreeduck) on

Omfg.. practically eveyone in this park is playing #PokemonGo #lol #addiction

A video posted by Drea.M.P. (@isladream671) on

Hunted in Poulsbo all afternoon, we are now running 5 gyms… Also we caught Dratini! #PokemonGo

A photo posted by Stephanie Roach (@weddedroach) on




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