Tacoma Narrows Bridge toll slated to be reduced by October

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The Washington State Transportation Commission plans to reduce the toll to drive over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge by October 1. The only question is how, exactly, to go about the rate reduction.

The commission’s move is in response to legislation passed by the state legislature in 2022 — SB 5488 — that provides funding and directs the transportation commission to adjust toll rates on the bridge, according to the commission’s website. The Oct. 1 date was determined based on the funding amount provided by the bill.

The commission is considering three toll rate reduction options:

  • A flat 75 cent toll rate reduction, only for 2-axle vehicles
  • A flat 75 cent toll rate reduction for all vehicles
  • A flat 75 cent toll rate reduction for 2-axle vehicles, with a per axle multiplier applied for vehicles with 3+ axles, in line with current practice

The commission has been gathering public input on the three options this month. People can vote through June 30 on which option they prefer through the commission’s online forum, where they can also provide comments.

People can provide feedback using the commission’s comment form, email tr****@ws**.gov, or call 360-705-7070.

At the commission’s July commission meeting, the commission will review public input and updated financial analysis and select a toll rate reduction proposal for further public review and comment.

Finally, the public may provide comments during the commission’s virtual public hearing in late August; the exact date is still to be determined.

If all goes according to plan, the new toll rate will go into effect on Oct. 1.

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