WA Credit Unions Celebrate Community Impact

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SPOKANE, Wash. – Millions of members around the world, including some Washingtonians, are observing International Credit Union Day today.

This year marks 73 years of International Credit Union Day. These not-for-profit financial institutions stretch across 118 countries.

Jon Maroni is the marketing director with Canopy Credit Union in the Northwest.

“International Credit Union Day, in general, is just really a day to celebrate our movement and the impact that credit unions have had,” said Maroni. “Both for their members and then also, the communities that they serve.”

More than 4.7 million Washingtonians are credit union members. There are more than 120 million members nationwide.

To celebrate, credit union employees across the Northwest are volunteering for community and service projects. Eighteen credit unions, including Canopy, are collaborating to support two non-profits in the Spokane area.

Maroni said he sees credit unions as being especially beneficial in the early days of the pandemic, when the economy was in flux and many people weren’t able to work.

“A lot of credit unions were offering things like, ‘Hey, connect with us if you’re needing to skip a couple of loan payments, or if you’re needing to just work out an arrangement for payments on loans, or if your account’s negative,’ things like that,” said Maroni. “Just really embracing the fact that our members own our credit unions.”

International Credit Union Day is also when the institutions set their agendas for the coming years. The World Council of Credit Unions aims to digitize its organizations around the world in the next four years with its Challenge 2025 goal.

Featured image: More than 60% of Washingtonians are members of a credit union. ( Stock)

Eric Tegethoff

Eric Tegethoff is a journalist covering the Northwest. Eric has worked as a reporter for KBOO, XRAY FM, and Oregon Public Broadcasting in Portland, Oregon, as well as other print and digital news media. In 2012, Eric traveled to North Dakota to write about the Bakken region oil boom. He's also worked at a movie theater, as a campaign canvasser and quality assurance at a milk packaging factory. Eric is originally from Orlando, Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida in 2010.

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