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Are you a writer living in Kitsap County (or interested in writing about Kitsap County?) If so, you’ve stumbled across the right website.

The Kitsap Scene is currently recruiting writers and photographers for freelance assignments covering Kitsap County news, politics and events.

Here’s what we’re mostly interested in (although we’re open to pitches that deviate from these guidelines):

  • In-depth, magazine-style features. Everything from fascinating personality profiles, to investigations shedding light on crime or corruption in local government. If you write long-form stories that are thorough, yet compulsively readable, get in touch with us. We have money waiting for you.
  • Listicles with a local focus. If you’re a Buzzfeed addict itching to try your hand at those ubiquitous list articles, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of Kitsap County people, places and events, we’ll pay you to compile your local knowledge in a fun, easy-to-digest listicle.
  • Food, film and book reviews. If you’re a foodie, a movie buff, or a cinephile with a talent for breaking down the intricacies of your preferred medium in a way the average lay person can understand, put your talent to use in the webpages of the Kitsap Scene.

We love self-starting journalists who come to us with ideas for stories, although we’re open to assigning stories as well.

We prefer that you pitch us your story ideas before you get to work, as we can’t guarantee that we’ll publish your story if you bring it to us after you’ve already written it. But if you’ve already put in the work and you’re looking for a home for your story, feel free to send it to us for consideration.

Still interested? Here’s what to do next:

Email the following materials to ne**@ki*********.com. Please include two samples of your writing; either include links to stories you’ve written, or copy and paste the stories into the body of the email. (It’s OK if the formatting isn’t perfect). If you don’t have any professional writing samples in the journalism field, give us anything you’ve got — a school essay, a short story, or a short biography.

Also include a paragraph or two on any relevant experience you have. Alternatively, you may attach a resume.

That’s it. Once you contact us, we’ll get back to you and let you know if we’re interested in working with you, and we can negotiate a pay rate that works for both of us.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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